Monday, October 8, 2007

So get this...

It's been a week since I really even gave anything for the band much thought - after the last weekend with Carlos & Charlie's and then a private party in the boonies, it was time for a mental break.

I also had a lot on my mind trying to compose some music for a new multimedia project, too. Here's a sample of what I came up with:

I think I'm finally accepting that this is the music I create. Instead of forcing things in the future, I'm going to make this funky crap work for me.

I recorded it using some ACID loops and my brand-spankin' new, cheapo Line 6 TonePort GX. I dig it. If I ever hooked up with a few more guys like me, we could put some white boy STANK on some funky shit. :)

More to come on the stank front. I am also going to work out a few of my folkier numbers, too and record them. It's just time.

A few cool new places with the band in the next few weeks - Duckhorn Tavern in Killeen on the 19th, and Cedar Street Courtyard on 4th on the 23rd (a Tuesday).

It should be interesting...