Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I wrote a new song. The first one for 2010. Hopefully not the last one for 2010!

Anyway, here it is:
To Be Free - Stream MP3 - Get MP3 - About

I hope you enjoy it.

Self-criticism follows. Do not read if you don't want to hear me whine.

My apologies for the mix. I had to mix it late at night when everyone was asleep. Actually, the singing would have been better, too, if I really could have belted it out. Actually this is just weak, and I'm only sharing it because I'm thrilled I actually fucking wrote something!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random thoughts. Try not to make sense of it.

So I was trolling the Craigslist ads yesterday, and I saw an ad for a riff-rock band looking for a bassist. I listened to their music, and it was okay. I didn't love it. The sound quality was pretty weak.

Then I was watching a Radiohead concert on DirecTV that they did in a studio. It reminded me why I don't like Radiohead, but sonically it was great. The bass sounds and overall textures were beautiful, even if the songs were repetitive, droning and just flat out boring.

It just made me think about how I haven't managed to do anything with MY music. No proper studio recordings, certain songs barely even have recorded demos. It got me really wanting to get something together.

Saturday night I went to a show that my friend's band was playing. They got me up to play a few songs, I met their new drummer (who is awesome, even if he didn't know all their material), and had fun.

Ned (Roman Holiday guitarist) just moved into a new place up near Lake Travis where he's going to set up a jam room with PA. I think that will be good, because we can have proper band practices in a place where we don't have to pay and we can just hang out without being annoyed by the shitty, bitchy customer service at the local rehearsal place where all the out-of-tune metal bands will be playing next door at full volume in tiny rooms.

Bought Sloan's "B Sides Win" compilation album. I don't love them as much as I once did (especially in the One Chord->Navy Blues->Between The Bridges era), but I still enjoy hearing new music from them, even if it's not new music.

Listened to Butch Walker's new record "I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart". I enjoyed it immensely. Must buy it when it comes should, too, if you like hooky rocking power pop music. Butch has gotten more into folky americana textures these days than in the past, but it's still great.

Also - tired of people who lie to themselves to maintain a fictional understanding of the past. Face the truth. Let it set you free.

That is all for now. Peace and love and good happiness stuff...