Thursday, October 22, 2009

MUSE-ic is the best.

I've been inspired by a few dorks from Teignmouth.

The new Muse record, "The Resistance" came out recently, and I've been wearing it out.

I just love their complete abandon, stylistically, and their willingness to pretty much try anything that suits them. It WORKS on this record.

And so, it's inspired me to remember what's important to me where music is concerned: Fun!

Taking that brave leap and writing a sexy electro-R&B song with slap bass even if you're a progressive rock band known more for distorted bass lines under soaring guitar and operatic vocals. Unabashedly aping Queen's "massive choral harmonies and orchestral-sounding harmonized guitar parts". It's just great stuff, and all done well.

I've always been a bit of a genre-bender, at least in spirit, so for me, The Musical Schizo, this is MY prog band right now.

So thank you, Muse (Matt, Chris, and Dominic) for making a record that really touched me and reminded me what's important.

I think I'm going to go record a song right now. We'll see if I post it...