Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Why do people like Emo?
Apparently neutered men talking about their feelings is okay so long as you yelp the words.

Why does there seem to be a "uniform" for people who like certain genres of music? So they're unique - just like everyone else.

Why can't I seem to find another musician kind of like me here in Austin, who likes a lot of the same stuff and is around my age and can play multiple instruments well, and who might be interested in collaborating with me on some music?
I guess it's time to post an ad to Craigslist.

Why is it that I never seem to be satisfied, no matter how fun and awesome my band experiences are (like my current band, which I LOVE)?

Why can't an avowed agnostic or atheist even dream of winning any national political office in the USA, when it EXPLICITLY states in the Constitution that no religious test is required? Wait - that's not a musical pondering. Moving on.

Why does it cost so damn much to fix electronics? It cost me $147 to fix my $200 speaker (mind you, $30 of that was a rush charge - otherwise it would have taken 2 months to have it even looked at). It's too bad they don't have some sort of gear insurance policy or something - like a total replacement warranty.

Well, peace and love. Playing a frat party Friday, then two weeks after that we're back in Killeen (YAY!). Still have some serious woodshedding to do on the acoustic stuff for the wedding in October. It's still nowhere near as good as I'd like it to be (although I'm sure it's passable).

Until next time.