Monday, November 8, 2010

Moving the Blues, Opportunity, etc.

Saturday night I had a great time filling in on bass with Moving Blues at Rabbit's. It was just nice focusing hard on the groove and just worrying about playing bass.

Over the past couple of weeks a few friends of mine in another band previously mentioned on this blog have been asking me if I'd be interested in playing lead guitar with them with this singer-songwriter from a little north of Austin. I listened to the music, and though it's not bad at all, one thing always comes to mind when I explore making music - especially original music - with other people: What about my music? Why don't I focus on doing that instead of learning other people's music. I mean, being in an original band where you're not a songwriter is one step down from cover band. So why would I do that and not be paid for it, and not advance my own writing?

I know the answer I'm going to give them, and I do always appreciate when people are interested in playing with me at all and see some talent here. I just have to do the same thing I did when the guitar seat opened up in that band back in Jacksonville - say "no thanks" and make a commitment to my own music for once.

It's just time. Now that Casey is taking back her drum kit (after almost two years, I might add) I might do a little re-arranging of the studio to better suit my creative needs (and clean the damn thing up - it's a pig sty).

I need to start writing songs again. It's been a long time since I cranked one out.

Maybe I'll go try and do that now...peace to all!

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