Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Album Preliminary Track List

Some demos are present on the site, but many are not. There will be sonic experimentation with some tracks - layering sound and heavy production - while others will remain fairly spare. Anything that serves the song best.


Anyway, here's the list of titles (subject to change...):
A Smile
Better Than I Used To Be
On My Birthday
Even If I Don't See You Again
I Know That I Can't
I Want You
I'll Be Fine
Jellybox (Song For You)
Miserable Bastard
My Old Man
Only Just The Start
Send Me Far Away
She's Got It All
The Path Of Eternity
To Be Free
We Really Just Don't Care
Why Didn't You Show?
Without You With Me Tonight

No gigs recently. I'm missing the band camaraderie and general silliness. And the money.

I went to an open mic night tonight and met a local singer/songwriter named Julie Nolen. She was nice. I'll be back out there soon to play some of these songs for people. Now to compile and rehearse these little song bitches so I can determine what I need to do to get them effectively recorded!

Happy New Year to all!

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